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How to pick the best roofing company after receiving storm damage

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Keller, Texas, and the surrounding areas are no stranger to destructive storms that put their homes through the wringer. All that hail, rain, wind, and snow can cause severe damage, especially when you have a home with roofing of poor quality.

It will be more costly and possibly even dangerous to have inadequate roofing in the long run. That is why it is more important than ever to find the best roofing companies in your area to get the job done by a qualified professional.

Finding the right roofing company for your roof repairs can sometimes be a little time-consuming if you do not know where to look. There is always the traditional way of going by word of mouth and asking your friends for recommendations. But then it is up to you to do your research and make sure you get the services you need from whichever company you choose.

Here are a few questions to ask while researching and making your decision to find the best roofing contractors in your area.

How long has the roofing contractor been in business?

Just like you would not get a serious and complicated surgery done by a resident who has only been working for a few weeks, you would not get your roofing; done by someone who does not have more than a week of experience. It is essential not to go with a particular roofing contractor because they have a lower price. It will not be cheaper when you have to get repairs to fix issues later because you got a substandard installation. Working with a roofing company that has been in the business for years shows that they have highly skilled contractors working with them who know who to do their job and have a community of customers who appreciate their business.

Does the roofing business have the correct licensing and insurance?

Since roofing is a job that is dangerous in many ways, therefore it is always good to get professional help. It is also crucial that the roofing company you choose to work with has the correct licensing and insurance to ensure that if anything goes wrong, you are covered. If a roofing business is reputable, it will have all the proper legal paperwork to ensure that both parties are protected.

Are you able to have a referral list to contact past and current customers?

In the age of the internet, most people get referred by a friend or family member to check out a new restaurant, tv show, or roofing contractor, or their own research by going through a deep dive into the web. Even when we find a roofing company that seems to hit the mark, it never hurts to ask for a referral list to hear firsthand from customers who have gotten roofing done in the past from the company about their experience. It is also good to keep in mind that it is very unlikely for a company to only have 5-star reviews, so be aware of that when you are looking at different ratings.

What will the process of getting your roof replaced or repaired when it has been damaged look like step-by-step?

When you are trying to determine whether you have found the best roofing company for you, it is essential to ask for all the details of how the process will be done. From getting some information on the contractor who will be doing the repairs to whether you will need to replace your whole roof are important things to go over before signing any paperwork. Sometimes businesses will use third-party independent contractors, which gives you very little to guarantee whether the person is truly qualified. You will also want to know what will be done if you are unsatisfied by the results, such as the roof not being efficiently repaired.

Knowing if there will be any extra cost for unplanned repairs during the process is also important to touch base on. Similar to getting repairs for other parts of your home, there are many issues to be discovered, such as mold, broken pipes, or other problems with the infrastructure. You also want to make sure that if you need your entire roof replaced, the company you choose will not just put a new roof over your old shingles. It essentially ends up just being a band-aid for a bigger accident that will cost more waiting to happen.

Is the roofing contractor an authorized installer?

Without the roofing contractor you choose to be an authorized installer, manufacturers do not have to honor their warranties when a non-authorized installer installs their product. That can create more complications in the future when you need more repairs down the line and want to work with the guidelines of your warranty to cut the cost.

With these questions listed above, you should be able to create a list of the best roofing businesses in your area to get the repairs you need to continue to enjoy living in your home. It is never too much to ask the right questions so you can make sure you get the right roofing contractor to get the job done. With so many roofers available, it is more important than ever to find one with the right skill set to get your roof back into top shape. That is why 3:16 Roofing and Construction was voted the best in 2021 for keeping you and your family covered. When you need a highly qualified roofing contractor and live in Keller, Roanoke, Haslet, Fort Worth, and Trophy Club right here in Texas, you know you can rely on 3:16 Roofing and Construction. We can ensure that you, your family, and your home are safe for those times of the year when your home’s infrastructure is battling the elements.


3:16 Roofing & Construction is a local, licensed roofing contractor located in Keller, TX. Our company offers the best products, service and warranties in the industry. We take pride in our work knowing it's done with honesty and integrity. To us, it's more than just a roof. It's home, it's family.



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